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“Godzilla” Reigns with Artistic Restraint Over Indulgence


I was utterly bewildered during my background research for this movie when I found that everybody pretty much unequivocally hated that 1998 lizard-esque Godzilla vs. New York City movie. I was 9 years… Continue reading

10 Reasons to Watch: “Breaking Bad”


The final eight episodes of this beloved series were recently released onto Netflix, and if for some reason you haven’t watched them yet, I’m here to set you straight. Note: this list is… Continue reading

“Godzilla” Trailer


Holy crap, Godzilla is big. Check out the latest trailer for Gareth Edward’s reboot of Godzilla. I’m pretty in the dark on this one, so I don’t have much insight here. The trailer… Continue reading

Breaking Bad: “Blood Money” Recap


It’s interesting how much Breaking Bad  is willing to give away as we approach its end. The show has used the flashforward cold open several times before, most notably in season 2 with the pink… Continue reading