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“The Maze Runner” Astounds with a Predictably Indecipherably Labyrinthian and Nebulously Insufferable Plot


Don’t ask me what The Maze Runner was about because I have absolutely no idea. It’s got a story about as cryptic as its titular labyrinth. Sure, I sat through two hours of forced dialogue and… Continue reading

Who is Jon Snow’s Mum? The R + L = J Theory Explained for Show-Watchers


This is about as spoilery as spoilery can get. For those of you who only watch the show, these are some major book spoilers. What I’m going to reveal comes from the Song… Continue reading

Critics Be Damned: In Defense of “The Fault in Our Stars”


Note: This article contains spoilers for the film The Fault in Our Stars, so read only if you don’t mind and/or have already seen it. One of the annoying things about writing movie… Continue reading

“The Fault in Our Stars” Movie Review


Somewhere along the winding road of my early twenties, I found a YouTube channel called vlogbrothers. It’s description: “Raising nerdy to the power of awesome.” Using vlogbrothers, two exceptionally nerdy brothers, Hank and John, post nerdy selfie… Continue reading