Corey Plante

Managing Editor


Corey was born and raised in northern Rhode Island and attended Providence College for his undergraduate degree in English and Writing, where he wrote for the college newspaper’s arts & entertainment section and edited the on-campus literary magazine. He founded Snippet Studios, an entertainment blog website soon after graduating in 2011 with Liam McCartney.

Corey’s favorite publications include New York Magazine,, and anything written by the mysterious film critic known only as Film Crit Hulk. Corey hopes to one day become a television news producer, documentary filmmaker, and all-around web entertainment journalist, although hopefully not all at once.

Favorite nerdy things include: Doctor Who, BioShock, Final Fantasy VII thru X, Mass Effect, and beating Erik at RISK.

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Liam McCartney

Film Critic, Editor


Liam graduated in 2011 from a private liberal arts college in Rhode Island. After a brief stint working in the world of reality television, he has since turned to more creative freelance pursuits. His missives on Snippets take shape as film and video game reviews, and the occasional rant. He serves as some sort of Editor here, though he suspects Corey will do most of the ‘editing’. Liam also heads up the Film Production side of Snippet Studios.

Liam: Whovian, Sherlockian, Potterhead.

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Richard Soucheck

Netflix Correspondent

Ric is a man. A man who likes things. These things include Doctor Who, shotguns, Battlestar Galactica, beards, Star Wars, honey, DC superheroes, the Coca-Cola Company and the various Nintendo franchises. He may write about them. He may not.

He will definitely write about what to watch on Netflix Instant.

You should read his contributions. Or not. Depending on where you are this is America.

Troy Cassidy

Fast Food Correspondent


Troy is our resident Fast Food correspondent. Avid sports fan equally as enthusiastic about fast food ventures, Troy is here to give you reviews of all the best new Fast Food deals out there. Considered by many to be among the upper echelon of McRib enthusiasts, Troy dominates the fast food game. Some of his favorite shows include Weeds and Breaking Bad despite the fact that fatty cheeseburgers are his drug of choice.

Erik Gravel

Snarky Intellectual Type


Erik is an eclectic amalgamation of interests and neuroses. Former roommate to both Corey and Liam, he shares their passion for entertainment. An encyclopedia of sci-fi nerd-dom, be it television or literary, and a lover of all things intellectual, he hopes to bring a healthy dose of snark to Snippets. Erik has been a Whovian longer than most on Snippets, despite not seeing every episode in he revised series.

Favorites include: Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and John Milton.

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Tim Combatti

Television Correspondent



Tim is an avid TV watcher and superhero enthusiast. For profiles on new and dying shows, he is the man to ask. For movie reviews on some of today’s biggest hits, he is also the man to ask.

Favorites include: Titanfall, How I Met Your Mother, Arrow.