Narragansett Beer’s “Big Mamie Indestructible American Pale Ale” Review

Next in an ongoing series of locally infused ‘Gansett beers is “Big Mamie Indestructible American Pale Ale”. Brewed in honor of the USS Massachusetts, this American Pale Ale is as rigid, solid, and just as dependable as the vessel it was made for. This comes just in time for the 50th anniversary of Battleship Cove. It also coincides with Narragansett’s past attempts to preserve the vessel in 1964. For those who don’t know, the USS Massachusetts, a.k.a. “Big Mamie”, was the first and last ship to fire its sixteen inch shells during WWII. When it was facing decommissioning and potential dismemberment, Narragansett Beer and other concerned powers fundraised and campaigned to preserve it. Now, they’re honoring that memory in beer form!

You might recall my past review of the first Del’s Shandy from Narragansett Beer, which was usurped by the Black Cherry variation for sure. Though I personally think that the Allie’s Donuts Porter is probably the best local-focused ‘Gansett brew as far as quality goes (still), Big Mamie is an incredibly well rounded APA.


It has that snarky bit of bite so common in all ‘Gansetts, but it’s more of a playful nibble here. The overall mouth feel is rich and full. It’s a standard American Pale Ale through and through, and if that’s a type of beer you enjoy, then you will definitely not be disappointed by this one. Americans don’t tend to be as intensely bitter as the Indias in the Pale Ale department, so it’s a bit more palatable than your average IPA. Don’t let the mild bitterness deter you!

I’m giving this one Four Tall Boys out of Five: 4/5.