Arrow Season 3 Premiere: “The Calm”


The team is back!

The team is at their best. Roy and Oliver are fighting together. Oliver has returned to hunting down criminals and those who “have failed this city”. Roy has taken up the sidekick mantle established last season and has matured a lot. Seems like Roy understands that recon is important and being a sidekick isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He is also kind of badass now; his fighting skills are insane. Oliver decided to cut Diggle from the team since he has a family now and Oliver now takes family very seriously after the passing of his mother and his sister leaving.

Oliver and Felicity

Fans have been dying for Oliver and Felicity to get together and they finally have. Oliver has a new outlook on life and understands that he needs to love those around him. He takes Felicity on a date, which is ruined, and Oliver realizes he can love those around him but he can’t be both Oliver and the Arrow. Felicity tells him that she won’t wait around for him for forever (not unlike the plot of Nolan’s Batman). She wants him to just move on and tell her they can’t be together, which is obviously a real tough one.

I love their relationship but I am the type of person who knows from the comics that Oliver is going to end up with Laurel and just see all other relationships as a small stepping stone to their ultimate relationship. I hope Felicity finally will get to move on and explore relationships for herself. Her relationship with Ray Palmer may just be what the show needs for Felicity to move on.

Ray Palmer

We are introduced to Ray Palmer when he interacts with Felicity at her new job at a tech store. Ray is charismatic and intriguing. Portrayed by Brandon Routh (who is not new to comic book characters since he played Superman in Superman Returns), Ray Palmer has come to Starling City to take over Queen Consolidated and transform Starling City into Star City as a means to clean up the city and its image. In the comics, Ray Palmer is actually Atom, a well-known superhero himself, but we have yet to see how that identity might be incorporated into the show.

The NEW Count Vertigo

A new Count has risen in Starling City and he has altered the mixture of vertigo to become more potent, and it also causes the user to see his worst fear. While fighting the Count, Oliver becomes injected with the new vertigo and sees his worst fear as himself. This is the defining moment when he realizes that he cant be both the Arrow and Oliver Queen. In a second fight with the Count, Sarah returns to help Oliver fight and they both defeat him. Before dying, the Count reveals that just because Oliver kills one man doesn’t mean there wont be another one to take his place. This is a great way to bring in similar characters from previous seasons.

Hong Kong is the new island

We left Oliver’s past with him being captured and brought to Hong Kong. Amanda Whaler of the Suicide Squad episodes has trapped Oliver to use him for A.R.G.U.S. Oliver is to be trained and sent out to do Amanda’s bidding. This is a smart way for the writers to remove Oliver from the island, which was getting monotonous. These flashbacks often heavily influence Oliver’s state of mind in the present day, effectively informing current character development not unlike how LOST once did.

That ending though…!

As seen earlier Sarah returned to Starling City after rejoining the League of Assassins. When meeting up with her sister, Sarah is shot to death with arrows. The killer is unknown right now but Sarah recognized the person just before being shot.

Since I love information and staying up to date on my favorite shows, the murderer is most likely Ra’s al Ghul, the head of the League of Assassins. We don’t know what that means for Oliver but this season is going to be intense. We are looking forward to the next episode.