This is the list of the new fall primetime shows that didn’t quite make the must see list and that I expect we won’t see around for very long.



Forever (Tuesdays 9/8c)


Premise: Henry Morgan is a medical examiner and he cannot die. Henry works with the dead to try to further his understanding of his own immortality.

Ioan Grufford plays Henry Morgan and I like the idea of a medical examiner mystery show but this seems like it is coming up just short. The concept is playful, the cast is talented, but the only thing that can save this show is the procedural side. The nature of the cases will make or break whether or not this show makes it through the season.

Cristela (Fridays 8:30/7:30c)


Premise: Cristela is in her 6th year of law school and is starting an internship. She tries to balance being taken seriously at her internship with being taken seriously at home with her traditional Mexican-American family.

The show does seem to be a female version of the George Lopez show. Which is not a bad thing. The Mexican family comedy can be quite hilarious and there is no other show on primetime like it today, and we need more family driven shows. I do think this will be lost in the Friday slots. Although Last Man Standing (which is on right before), does perform well, that show also has the draw of Tim Allen. Cristela may be funny and well done, but unfortunately it is not a show for today’s market.


Stalker (Wednesdays 10/9c)


Premise: An intense thriller about a division of the LAPD that handles stalkers and voyeurs.

I don’t think that viewers can handle a show like this. Its intense, sensitive nature most likely won’t stick for the audience. It isn’t like a common procedural where you have the case but the detectives are relatively removed from it. With this show, the viewer is put in front of the stalker and the detectives are victims as well. Taking a thriller style of view for this show may hurt it in the end.

The McCarthys (Thursdays 9:30/8:30c)


Premise: An obnoxious Boston family spend most of their time together just trying to get along.

I just don’t see this show making it. Maybe if they made it raunchier and put it on FXX then the concept would uphold but with the other strong comedies CBS has running this is not gonna cut it. Even with the hilarious Laurie Metcalf, the show is too basic to draw the audience in week after week. But then again I felt the same about The Millers and that show is about to begin its second season.



State of Affairs (Mondays 10/9c)


Premise: A top CIA agent works directly with the President to prepares briefs on the top threats to the national security to help the President decide who to target or defend against.

This show I went back and forth the most on. It probably has the highest chance of sticking but I don’t think its worth it. The overall concept for the show sounds very intriguing but it stops right there. State of Affairs will most likely be an over dramatized look at the CIA and not in a good way. This show seems like it will be dry and unappealing after the pilot. The only savior for this show is the cast, starring Katherine Heigl and Alfre Woodard. But then we learn that Katherine Heigl’s character spends her personal time hunting down the terrorists that tried to kill her fiancé, which is just over the top and ruins the shows overall concept. If the show can focus on the politics and these high-risk threats then the show has a chance. But I suspect that it will focus too heavily on the personal lives.

Bad Judge (Thursdays 9/8c)


Premise: Rebecca Wright is a well-known and highly respected judge who is great at her job but terrible in her personal life. When she isn’t acting as a judge she is partying, sleeping around and is incredibly flaky.

Kate Walsh is back on television as the flaky judge Rebecca Wright. I am a big fan of Kate Walsh and expect her to do a great job. The show on the other hand has been done time and time again. How many times can we see a hard working individual ruin their personal life and try and put it back together? For me, I’m kind of done with the concept. Hopefully Kate Walsh can pull the show together but I will be surprised if it lasts that long.


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