Snack Review: 7-Eleven’s Doritos Loaded


Earlier this week the day finally arrived when the new Doritos Loaded snack hit the shelves at my local 7-Eleven. I’ve been chowing down on taquitos and drinking Double Gulps for years, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new treat since I started hearing rumors earlier this year.

Despite having looked at all of the promotions and previews over the past couple of months, I somehow had a hard time figuring out what the Doritos Loaded were supposed to be. With the gooey cheese from the ads, they made me think of an inside-out nacho chip, but I was also reminded of mozzarella sticks and fried mac and cheese (both of which are personal favorites). So what the heck IS this thing?

Reverse Nacho Chip or Nacho Mozz Stick?

Reverse Nacho Chip or Nacho Mozz Stick?

When I got to the 7-Eleven, it was completely decked out in Doritos Loaded ads. The entire front of the building was really just a giant billboard for the new snack. This only helped to build the hype for this hopefully delicious treat. I bought the 4-pack for $1.99 and grabbed 99-cent Big Gulp to help wash it down.

image (2)

Like a present on Christmas morning!

I had very high hopes for Doritos after their enormously successful ventures with Taco Bell, but my disappointment with Doritos Loaded started with the first bite. The nacho cheese that was oozing out of all their advertisements was nowhere to be found. The Doritos Loaded was hot from sitting under the heating lamps, but the cheese was completely congealed. It reminded me of a mozzarella stick that has been over-cooked and the cheese dried out. I was hoping that my first “chip” was just a dud, but each of the other three Doritos had the same result.

image (3)

I’ve never seen dried nacho cheese like this before

While the cheese was a failure, the breading of the Doritos Loaded was actually pretty good. It has a spice profile that is very similar to mozzarella sticks, but with a slight hint of Doritos dusting. The problem: the flavoring was so light that you might think it was unrelated to Doritos if the name wasn’t plastered all over the box.

All-in-all, there really wasn’t anything special about the Doritos Loaded snack. It pains me to give a less than glowing review to 7-Eleven and Doritos, but they dropped the ball with this product. The failed execution with the nacho cheese kept the congealed mozzarella triangles “chips” from delivering the flavors and enjoyment I was looking for. Unless 7-Eleven goes back to the drawing board and figures out the cheese filling — or buys more effective heat lamps — I will just have to switch back to taquitos and Double Gulps, a snack that has never let me down!