Arrow Recap “Heir to the Demon”

The show opens in the airport with an epic fight scene where we meet Nyssa al Ghul, the “heir to the demon”. She is portrayed by the ravishing Katrina Law. We know nothing about her except for her incredible ability to fight, but all I know is I want to see more.


Sara is doing the epic salmon ladder first revealed in season one by Oliver. Sara claims that she needs to flee because the League of Assassins are tracking her. Oliver tells her that her family needs her and implies he does too. We see a flashback to Sara returning home from college, just before she got on the Queen’s Gambit before the trip when it sank.

Another fantastic entrance by Nyssa al Ghul followed by a sultry make-out session between her and Sara. Sara asks Nyssa to convince Ra’s al Ghul to release her from her sworn oath to the League of Assassins. She doesn’t reveal much but it entails killing and a strong soul. Ra’s Al Ghul released Malcolm Merlyn and Sara asks for the same. Nyssa refuses mostly out of selfish reasons. She is emotionally attached to Sara and demands to continue it.

Felicity confronts Moira about how she knows that Malcolm Merlyn is Thea’s father. Moira warns her to keep her secret for Felicity’s own sake. Implying that there are those who will hurt Felicity for revealing this secret. We know this is most likely Merlyn but he is assumed dead by most. Moira is also afraid at how her family will react to the news.

We learn that Laurel was given snake poison and that the entire Lance family is in danger. Lyssa kidnaps Laurel’s mother and there is an incredibly well done chase scene between the Arrow, Black Canary, and Nyssa al Ghul. When Sara sees that her mother has been kidnapped, she screams out and in a homage to the comics we witness the first “Canary Cry” which is a high pitched scream that can shatter objects and incapacitate enemies although in this case it is only used as a means to express sadness.

At Moira’s campaign launch Felicity reveals a bit of her past to Oliver, although I would like to learn a lot more. She has had many issues with her parents and it is something that she struggles with. She is fearful of losing those she loves. Oliver tells her that he won’t be going anywhere. Felicity reveals to Oliver that Malcolm is Thea’s father just before he is to give a speech about his mother.

Heir to the Demon

Sara tells Nyssa that she will return to her and the League in exchange for her mother. Sara and her father go get her mother. As her father leaves with her mother, Sara collapses and Nyssa learns that Sara has poisoned herself with the snake poison. Sara tells her that she would rather die then rejoin the League. Nyssa threatens to kill her family since she wants to be with them so badly they can all die together.

The Arrow shows up and has an incredible archery battle with Nyssa. The Arrow is about to kill Nyssa when Sarah begs him not to kill her. Sarah almost dies in Oliver’s arms but is revived. Nyssa emotionally releases Sarah from the League of Assassins and Nyssa then escapes.

Oliver finally confronts his mother about Thea and he tells her that they no longer have a relationship. They will only have a relationship as a façade for Thea.

As the Lance’s celebrate Sara’s return, Laurel rejects her and is angry that she returned. She kicks her out and Sara goes to see Oliver where they begin a passionate encounter.

In a brief scene, Slade reminds Blood that he should not have underestimated Moira Queen. Blood vows not to do it again and Slade says he “will handle it himself”.

My Thoughts

This episode gave me chills with every turn. Each scene was beautifully depicted and written. The fight scenes were incredibly well done and didn’t look cheesy at all. Arrow is getting better all the time, and this episode was extremely well done. Even the dramatic scenes were intense. It is great to learn that the Arrow can almost step back and that other characters are interesting enough to help carry the story. It shows that the characters and well developed and the audience is actually interested to learn more. This is a big case with Felicity and I hope we delve much more into her past then the bit we got in this episode. It seemed that Oliver’s family story was falling behind but this episode reinvented the family dynamic. It will be interesting to see what will happen if/ when Thea finds out about her real father. Although they kind of finished the story line with Nyssa al Ghul I expect to see more from the League of Assassins and especially Ra’s al Ghul. Arrow has multiple story-lines occurring at once and it is interesting to see them begin to weave together. We have the Arrow training Roy, Slade’s master plan coming to fruition, Laurel on an emotionally unstable roller coaster and of course Oliver trying to balance each aspect of his life. Arrow is truly stepping up its game, and if this is just episode 13 I cannot wait for the next one and what the rest of this season might bring.