Arrow – “Blast Radius” Episode Recap

After the insane midseason finale, Arrow finally returned to a great start and here is a look into “Blast Radius”.



Oliver is back and determined to uncover the man behind the Skull Mask. As the main focus of his time, this pursuit is his biggest obstacle and it’s one that he doesn’t want to fail. Oliver has put his personal life aside to focus completely on being the Arrow. It even begins to affect those closest to him as he puts on some distance.


We learn that Barry is in a coma after being struck by lightning, and it’s affecting Felicity’s focus. It also doesn’t help that Oliver is still deciding how he feels about Felicity and is angered by the attention she is giving Barry. I enjoy this relationship quite a bit; Felicity is one of my favorite characters, but I am not ready for them to delve in too deep. I think by the end of the episode they put a nice pin in the “will they, won’t they” scenario and hopefully it wont be brought back up for a while.


Oliver has become good friends with Blood and is helping him on his campaign. On the other end, Laurel is suspicious of Sebastian and doesn’t think he is the great man everyone else thinks he is. We learn more about his past and how he may have murdered his father and locked up his mother in an insane asylum. As we learn more about Blood, he is shaping up to be a truly diabolical man. There are no limits to what he will do for power. He is willing to hurt anyone that gets in his way. The hard part to watch is that Oliver doesn’t know any of this yet and decides to align himself, as the Arrow, with Blood. It will be interesting to see this team up pan out as the season progresses.


We pick up with Roy after being injected with the Mirakuru and he is realizing the effects more and more; he can heal at a rapid pace and has incredible strength. Although the reveal on the effects is a bit cheesy, Roy’s future is in question. As we know that the Mirakuru is not something to be tampered with. It is also putting a huge strain on his relationship with Thea since he has chosen to leave her out of it. We still don’t know all the back-story on the Mirakuru but with each island flashback more and more comes to light. We are starting to see Slade turn against Oliver and Sara out of anger for the death of Shado.

Quick Thoughts

What’s going on with Diggle? Why is he being pushed aside and underutilized?

What is with the dramatic use of the motorcycle? It looks like they are making it a prominent part of the Arrow costume and they can, but it is beginning to look cheap.

Is Laurel back and the drugs completely in the past? She seemed very on top of her game. It was a weird storyline to bring in and not follow through?