Ric’s Netflix Picks: “Sexy Evil Genius”


We all have one crazy ex.

She was theirs.

Three strangers find themselves having drinks together at a bar, at the behest of their mutual ex-girlfriend, Nikki (Katee Sackhoff). They quickly take up discussing the only topic they have in common and discover that they each know drastically different sides of her. Zachary (Seth Green), her first boyfriend, is lonely and uptight. Miranda (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a bisexual recovering heroin addict. Marvin (Harold Perrineau), a smooth-talking jazz musician. The one thing they all know is that Nikki is fucking crazy. The three begin to wonder why she has brought them together and when she finally appears, the real confusion sets in. Why are they really here? And how crazy is Nikki actually? Crazy enough to kill?

Sexy Evil Genius is a fantastically creepy and fun semi-horror story. Sackhoff, as usual, is insanely magnetic. When she speaks, everyone listens. If you have not seen her in Battlestar Galactica, you absolutely need to. She has a remarkable ability to jump from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. Her performance proves she is the lady to play Harley Quinn in any new DC Justice League-based films, as she has already expressed interest in doing. Green, probably the biggest name in the film, is just Seth Green. Nothing more, nothing less, and that is the way I like him. Trachtenberg is adorable and occasionally commanding. Perrineau, loved in LOST and love-hated in Sons of Anarchy, is perfect for his role. William Baldwin plays a superb, over-confident jackass.

Obviously not a big budget blockbuster, Sexy Evil Genius exemplifies the types of movies that can soar on Netflix. It is quietly action-packed and filled with well-loved “cult” actors. Also, that little hint of sexiness does not hurt.


4.5 out of 5.0

Here’s some of that sexiness.



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