How Significant Is Hunger Games: Catching Fire Passing Iron Man 3 as the Top Grossing Release of 2013?

Catching Fire was really well done, much more so than the first film. I’m glad that it showcased the strong female lead and did so well at the box office.

We Minored in Film

Over the past couple of days The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($410 million) officially passed Iron Man 3 ($408 million) to become the top domestic-grossing release of 2013.  That’s actually a little misleading since $15 million of Catching Fire‘s $410 million domestic total has come since the calender switched over to 2014.  As such, Iron Man 3 actually made more money in the calender year of 2013, but year end lists tend to extend a grace period so that money made the first month of the following year counts thus Catching Fire being the new #1.  Of course, Iron Man 3‘s worldwide total of $1.2 billion is still quite a bit more than Catching Fire’s $834 million, but at least at the domestic market Katniss Everdeen just kicked Tony Stark’s butt.

Catching Fire being the top-grossing release of 2013, even if just domestic, seems kind of significant because…

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