Must Watch New Shows Debuting this January

Every january new series struggle to fill the vacancies left by cancelled or already finished seasons. here are the best that this year has to offer!


(CBS Jan 7 9/8c then Mondays 9/8c)

A government intelligence operative has a micro-chip imbedded in his brain that links him directly to the global information grid.

Now I know what my editor’s are thinking, Tim this sounds very similar to the premise for one of our favorite shows Chuck. Well all I can say is yes… yes it does. But is that a bad thing? It may have a similar premise but this show seems to be far from it. It is going to have a lot more drama, more action-packed scenes and a massive CBS budget to boot. So that means the CGI should be well done. The cast they hired is superb which means we shouldn’t have to worry about terrible acting. The show just needs to keep interesting storylines and it could last a long time.

Chicago P.D.

(NBC Jan 8 10/9c)

Explores the day-to-day lives of members of the Chicago Police Department.

A spinoff from NBC’s Chicago Fire, this show has big plans. In a dark and gritty look at the police of Chicago, the show is expected to be the next Law & Order. This show should be great because it is stripping back the police. Most shows today try to come up with overly gimmicky procedurals but this show is going straight to the bare bones of the police and relying on the cast and stories to make it great.

True Detective

(HBO Jan 12 9/8c)

Follows two Louisiana detectives as they work on a serial-killer case over the course of seventeen years.

HBO is following in the footsteps of American Horror Story; the plan is that each season of this show will feature a new case and cast. This first season has Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two detectives in Louisiana working a serial killer case. In this extremely gritty show it will look at the progression of the lives of the two detectives and the case they are working.


(FOX Jan 23 9/8c)

A self-destructive lawyer takes on incredibly challenging cases and his outspoken nature causes him to butt heads with those around him.

The most exciting part of this show is that it is lead by the very talented Greg Kinnear. It is a remake of a hit Australian show and the plot seems to be a hit. I hope FOX knows what they are doing. Shows like this that should easily be great often fall through the cracks at FOX and never last. With the right advertising and scheduling this show could be their next big hit.

Black Sails

(Starz Jan 25 9/8c)

Captain Flint and his crew must defend New Providence Island and also search for the greatest treasure in the world.

Set as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island,” Black Sails is STARZ’s attempt to be the next great fantasy show. Putting their own twist on the classic pirate world, this show should be epic. I am a sucker for anything related to pirates so I may be a bit overly excited but from the looks of this show I have nothing to worry about. It is a fantastic story and I can’t wait to see it develop.


(USA March 6 10/9c)

Three Chicago EMT’s try to navigate everyday life while also being the best EMT’s in the business.

This is USA network’s first-ever scripted comedy and I think they picked a good one. After deciding last year to start showing Modern Family, they also decided to invest in their own shows. Passing up on Happy Endings, an amazing comedy that deserved to be around for a decade, USA went to brand new shows. Sirens, lead by Michael Moseley, the only reason I think the last season of Scrubs was tolerable, should be hilarious and a great fit to the USA schedule.

Mind Games

(ABC March 11 10/9c)

Two brothers run a problem-solving firm where they use manipulation as a means to solve the problems.

I am a big fan of Christian Slater. I think he is an underrated actor and his previous show Breaking In was taken before it should have been. But if losing that show lead to this one. then I am grateful. This show takes Slater and Steve Zahn as very different brothers and has them manipulate people. So sit back and laugh because the show is gonna be simple, easy to watch, and even easier enjoy.