Must Watch Christmas Episodes

For many shows, some of the best episodes they offer occur during the holiday season. This holiday, sit back with a heaping mug of hot cocoa and enjoy the season with some of your best friends from television.

The Office

“Christmas Party” (2.10)

Our first Christmas episode from the Office, and the gang has decided to do a “Secret Santa”. They each get a member of the office to buy a gift for and the budget is $20. Michael gets Ryan, who he is infatuated with, and buys him a $400 iPod. When Michael gets an oven mitt he decides to turn the day into a “Yankee Swap” in order to ensure that he gets a better gift. The only better part of this episode is Jim gives Pam a memory filled teapot with a letter. At the last second he removes that letter, so she can’t read it. That letter resurfaces in the final season of the show as quite the incredible reveal.

“Benihana Christmas” (3.10)

Michael, overly excited about being in a relationship, plans an all-inclusive trip to the wonderful Sandals resort.  After we learn that he photoshopped himself into a picture of his girlfriend and her kids as a Christmas card, she breaks up with him. Michael becomes upset and depressed. The only solution to heal his broken heart? Go to Benihana. After a few nogasakis (eggnog and saki), Michael and Andy pick up a couple of waitresses as their “new girlfriends” and invite them back to the office party. After not knowing which one was his girlfriend, they spilt and Michael invites Jan to Sandals with him.

“Secret Santa” (6.13)

The first year where Phyllis is allowed to dress up as Santa and Michael is furious. So what else can you do but dress up as Jesus and spoil the party! In a fit of anger Michael reveals that Dunder Mifflin is closing but only to find out that the execs are being let go and the branches will be absorbed into the new company. Andy has Erin for “Secret Santa” and he decides to give her the accidentally violent 12 Days of Christmas. Let the hilarity ensue.

30 Rock

“Ludachristmas” (2.9)

This episode is built between the contrast of Liz and Jack’s families: mainly Liz’s “perfect” family and Jack’s “crazy” mother. Jack decides that he would prefer to have a family more like Liz’s, so he joins them on their Christmas adventures. The jokes come in as we interact with Liz’s brother Mitch, who is played by the hilarious Andy Richter. Mitch was in a skiing accident in high school and relives the day before his ski trip over and over again everyday. By the end of the episode, Liz’s family becomes unraveled due to Jack’s mom. Ultimately, Jack is satisfied when he realizes that Liz’s family isn’t so perfect after all. The backdrop to this episode is “Ludachristmas”, where the TGS crew is getting excited to celebrate their made up holiday where you get drunk and do crazy stupid things. Sounds like my kind of holiday!

The Big Bang Theory

“The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis” (2.11)

During one of Big Bang’s greatest episodes, Sheldon is trying to decide what gift to get Penny. He knows he wants it to be equally as great as hers but no more. So he devises a plan to buy multiple gifts and hide them, then open her gift to him first and give her a gift of equal quality. Penny ends up giving Sheldon a signature from Leonard Nimoy, his favorite actor. Sheldon freaks out from excitement and gives her every gift he bought her and ultimately ends it with a hug.


“The One with the Holiday Armadillo” (7.10)

When Ross realizes that his son Ben has no understanding of his Jewish heritage he decides to spend the holiday trying to teach him. Ross tells Ben that Santa won’t be coming this year and Ben becomes upset so Ross tries to turn it around by dressing up as Santa and surprising Ben. Since it is so close to Christmas there are no Santa costumes left. The only solution… an Armadillo costume, of course. Ross explains to Ben the meaning of Hanukkah when Chandler shows up as Santa and him and Ben learn from the “Holiday Armadillo.” But don’t fear Superman (Joey) shows up. This episode w.ill. keep .yo………u smiling


“The Strike” (9.10)

“A Festivus for the Rest of Us!”

The holiday that is Festivus is really quite simple and hilarious. Festivus is celebrated on December 23 and you set up an aluminum pole (not a tree) and there are, of course, no decorations whatsoever. On the eve of Festivus, immediately after dinner, it is time for the “Feats of Strength.” The head of the household challenges someone to a wrestling match. The “Feats of Strength” do not conclude until someone has pinned down the head of household. After that it is the tradition to “Air the Grievances.” This consists of letting those close to you and the rest of the world know how they have disappointed you throughout the year and how they made you angry. Seinfeld created this amazing holiday in response to the commercialism of Christmas. This episode will surely make you smile during the frustrations of the holiday.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

“A Very Sunny Christmas” (6.13)

It wouldn’t be Christmas without throwing rocks at trains, as Charlie and Mac have done every year for Christmas. This episode is filled with the two guys trying to reflect on their own Christmas traditions. We learn that Mac’s Christmas traditions were robbing the houses around his and Charlie’s was all about getting gifts from many different Santas as they went to “cheer up” his mother (in her bedroom…with sex). Dennis and Dee spend the episode trying to “Christmas Carol” Frank because he is a terrible person for torturing them with expensive gifts on Christmas that he never actually lets them have. The episode is filled with great laughs and a fantastic approach on Christmas. Some great scenes include Charlie biting the ear off a mall Santa and Frank exiting a leather couch naked as a means to hear the grievances of his coworkers.  Throw in a little animated scene and you have an instant Christmas classic.

Modern Family

“Express Christmas” (3.10)

When the family realizes that they won’t be together during the holidays they devise a plan to celebrate Christmas by the end of the day. They split up into groups in order to get everything done. Phil and Manny attempt to get groceries and Phil unfortunately gets tased, Mitch and Alex attempt to find the perfect tree, Claire and Hayley use Hayley’s shopping skills to get gifts, and Gloria and Luke are in charge of the angel and ornaments for the tree. After everything goes wrong, Jay brings everyone together with a bit of fake snow and some great memories for the future.


“Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” (2.11)

The cast of community in stop motion form and they are trying to help Abed discover the true meaning of Christmas, this episode is built for success. Each character being depicted in animated form and each based on their personality is hilarious. You have Britta-bot, snowman Chang and even a pterodactyl shows up. What more could you want?

The Simpsons

“The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” (1.1)

Our first introduction to the Simpsons family and what an introduction it is. Bart gets a tattoo and Marge has to use all of the family Christmas money to get it removed. Homer finds out that he won’t be getting a Christmas bonus this year so he gets a part time job as a mall Santa. After earning a whole $13 he decides to press his luck at a dog race. He bets on the wrong dog and loses all of his money. In a true Christmas fashion they end up bringing the losing dog home and the family has a happy Christmas.

Honorable Mention

Arrested Development

“Afternoon Delight” (2.6)

Even though there is minimal Christmas in this episode there is a company holiday party. This party has a karaoke and Michael and Maebe have been getting along so well they decide to sing. The unfortunate part is they sing “Afternoon Delight”, a song that no niece and uncle should sing together.