Must Watch Thanksgiving Episodes of All Your Favorite Shows


With the delicious holiday just days away here is a list of great Thanksgiving episodes to get you in the mood. Some of them are even on Netflix.


Every season Friends put out a Thanksgiving episode and made people laugh and love the holiday that is often tossed aside, being so close to Christmas.

“The One With The Football” (3.9)

This memorable Thanksgiving episode is filled with tons of laughs, an epic overly competitive football game and a battle over a Dutch girl. Also who can forget the “Geller Cup.”

the one with the football(S0309)

“The One With Chandler In A Box” (4.8)

For most of the episode Chandler is forced to stay in a large box because he had an affair with Joey’s girlfriend. Who comes up with this stuff? I want to meet them.

The One With All The Thanksgivings” (5.8)

In what might be the greatest Friends Thanksgiving episode, the gang reflects on their worst Thanksgivings from over the years. We learn how “Fat Monica” ended, why Chandler hates the holiday and get to see Joey with a turkey on his head. Throw in a little romance and this episode is a top Friends episode from all the seasons.


“The One With The Rumor” (8.9)

In an epic episode, Monica and Ross have an old friend, played by Brad Pitt, over who used to be fat and was co-president with Ross of the “We Hate Rachel Club.”

On Thanksgiving this year TBS is showing a marathon of all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes, starting at 10am.

How I Met Your Mother

This is a series that gives the Friends Thanksgiving episodes a run for their money, and all of these episodes are on Netflix right now!

“Belly Full of Turkey” (1.9)

We meet Marshal’s family for the first time and we are introduced to the great sport of bask-ice-ball. After making some very bizarre Thanksgiving foods and Ted and Robin volunteering with Barney, the episode of course concludes in a strip club, because where else would you end up on Thanksgiving.

“Slapsgiving” (3.9)

In one of televisions most epic concepts ever, the slap bet comes to a conclusion in the first ever “Slapsgiving.” Filled with Marshall terrorizing Barney and Lily trying to ensure a perfect Thanksgiving this episode sets the bar high for all Thanksgiving episodes.


Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap” (5.9)

It’s “Slapsgiving 2: Return of the Slap”. Need I say more?

Blitzgiving” (6.10)

It should become tradition for all Thanksgiving dinners to include a “turkeykey”, a turkey stuffed with a smaller turkey. Besides that amazing idea we learn about the next great Thanksgiving concept of “Blitzgiving”. Basically the gang explains that whenever one person leaves a group gathering for the evening that person then misses out on something epic.

Full House

“The Miracle of Thanksgiving” (1.10)

The gang plans to do a traditional Thanksgiving, the first one without the mother. So the guys vow to do it and of course everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. After burning the turkey and a dropped pumpkin pie after a few tears and breakthroughs about the mother’s death the family comes together at the table to feast.


Happy Endings

“More Like Stanksgiving” (3.4)

We finally get to see how the group all came together and in no greater way then on “The Real World.” On top of watching the episode that brought them all together, we interact with Dave who is in touch with his minimal Native American heritage and Max who is trying to remember when he first realized he was gay.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

“The Gang Squashes Their Beefs” (9.10)

In an attempt to squash their beefs with people from over the years the gang decides to throw a thanksgiving party. After some hilarious puns about “squash and beef” and “wiping a slate clean” the gang ultimately sets fire to the apartment and locks everyone they tried to mend their relationships with inside.

Everybody Loves Raymond

All of these episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond are on Netflix.

“Turkey or Fish” (1.11)

Debra wants to host Thanksgiving and start her own traditions, so she makes fish instead of turkey. But don’t worry Marie expected Debra to mess up and she had prepared a turkey just in case.

“No Fat” (3.10)

Marie decides to make a tofurky due to some poor medical test results. Debra backs up Marie but Ray is so disappointed he attempts to get a traditional meal from a restaurant nearby.


“The Bird” (8.9)

The whole family is invited to Thanksgiving dinner with Amy’s parents. Amy’s mother is a meek woman who much to everyone’s surprise puts an injured bird out of its misery without even a second thought. The house splits into two groups which gets acted out as Pilgrims and Indians for a small skit with the children.

King of Queens

“Supermarket Story” (1.10)

The entire episode takes place during a trip to the market to pick up supplies to make Thanksgiving dinner. From the hassles of finding a parking space, to deciding on how to please everyone who wants food cooked different ways, and all the way to waiting on a long line to pay the episode keeps you laughing all the way through. It is a true viewing of why one should not wait to do their holiday food shopping.