Ric’s Reactions to “The Day of The Doctor”

Warning: Spoilers for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Below


“Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once – everybody lives!”


First off, I have to say that I really enjoyed The Day of The Doctor. I do not plan on getting into the particulars of the plot, but I cannot say that I will not.

Let’s talk about the Last Great Time War itself. For the longest time, I was afraid to actually see it because to me it was one of those things that would never match what your imagination could come up. I was actually surprised to find myself really enjoying the visuals.

I was really happy to see Billie Piper back, especially in the capacity in which she appeared. I thought she was used sparingly and tastefully, both of which I think were hugely important. Rose is my favorite of the modern Doctor Who companions, and as much as I wanted to relive the past, I did not want to dwell on it entirely.

Continuing on those thoughts, watching David Tennant and Matt Smith play off each other was exhilarating. Despite how different Ten and Eleven are, they do have so many similarities. The admiration they show one another, mixed with the occasional lighthearted put down, really helped tie the two Doctors together.

John Hurt was just as powerful and captivating as anticipated. As the War Doctor, his chastising of Tennant and Smith for acting like the children they are, was humbling. It really put the whole show into perspective.

The inclusion of past Doctors, while assumedly a given, was well done and extremely satisfying. Even though they appeared by way of archival footage, they seemed so real. The real fan service came in that magical moment when the actual Tom Baker, not archival footage, graced the screen. I am not sure how that particular event can (or even if it will) be explained, but I honestly do not care. It was amazing to see.

To my only disappointment, Christopher Eccleston, my favorite Doctor, did not make a fresh appearance. I almost thought for a second that we were not going to get a regeneration, but we did and it is certainly implied that Hurt becomes Eccleston.

Peter Capaldi made a quick cameo as the next Doctor, in what I believe was an unprecedented move of seeing a future Doctor before his official first episode. That was something that a few people had predicted yet took me by surprise.

By episodes end, the Doctor had closed one chapter and was opening up a brand new, and absolutely exciting one. I cannot wait for the future.

Gallifrey Falls No More.

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