Snack Review: Wavy Lay’s Potato Chips Dipped In Milk Chocolate

Are you in the mood for sweet or salty? Why do you even need to choose?

There are certain innovations that blow your mind when you think about the creativity of the individual responsible for its introduction. Then there are creations that leave you wondering why they took so long to become a reality. Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips dipped in Milk Chocolate can be classified with the latter.

Salty and sweet make up a flavor profile that has long been praised throughout the snack and dessert spectrums. Up to this point, however, the giant in this arena has been chocolate cover pretzels, with Flipz leading the revolution. Lay’s new chocolate covered potato chips are an attempt to break into the market with something new (well…kind of new). Chocolate covered potato chips have been sold before, but up until now they were mostly found in small specialty shops (though Utz and Herr’s have dabbled as well). Lay’s is the first large snack company to take the plunge and start selling this product nation-wide. The catch to their nation-wide release (why is their always a catch?!?) is that these chips are only available in Target stores and are only available during the holiday season.

After some vague release dates and a couple of frustratingly unsuccessful trips to Target I finally tracked down a bag (or two) of Lay’s new product. Looking at the package I couldn’t stifle my initial disappointment because the bag is the exact same size as the 99 cent bag of regular Lay’s chips! With Target selling the chocolate covered chips for $3.49 a bag I was hopeful that they had packed a lot into a small package.

photo 1

Grabbing my first chip, I noticed that only one side was covered in chocolate, with the under half of each chip still showing the Wavy Lay’s we are all familiar with. After coming to terms with the 50% chocolate coverage I chomped down on the chips. Quite frankly I was immediately impressed. I had no doubt that the salty/sweet combination would be a success, but Lay’s also manages to keep the crunchiness of the chip and the slight potato flavor intact. The decision to cover only one side of the chip proved to be a brilliant one, preventing the chocolatey goodness from overpowering the chip. The milk chocolate isn’t from a particular brand, but it certainly holds its own when paired with the clout of the Lay’s brand. And I gotta say: it proves to be quite a sensation.

photo 4

That’s me, demolishing the rest of the bag.

So, while the Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips dipped in Milk Chocolate (shorten the name Lay’s marketing!) proved to be a delicious addition to the snack game…BUT there are some aspects that could be improved. My biggest complaint is that the serving size is a bit off. Lay’s has the bag, which contains about 20 chips, labeled as five servings. They likely did this to keep some of the nutritional numbers low (though four chips still carries 9 gram of fat), but I can’t see this bag satisfying five people on any occasion. I split my bag of chips with three other people after both dinner and desert and the bag was spread relatively thin. I’m going to place the realistic serving size at three, with a slim four being a generous compromise.

You can also complain about the price tag of $3.49 for such a small bag, but the real crime is the limited release. I not only demand that these chips survive the holiday season and begin being sold outside the walls of Target, but I’m calling for the addition of new flavors! Milk chocolate is classic, but I wouldn’t hate seeing dark chocolate, white chocolate, and maybe even chocolate peppermint (too far?) added to the lineup.

So I’m calling all of my readers to grab a bag of the chips and flood Lay’s with fan mail demanding these chips stay on the shelves. The revolution starts NOW!…or maybe after the holidays because this can be a busy time of year.