Ric’s Netflix Picks: “Olympus Has Fallen”


When was the last time a foreign power attacked the White House?


Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is one of President Benjamin Asher’s (Aaron Eckhart) most trusted protectors. When an accident gets Banning booted from the President’s security detail, he is reassigned to the Treasury Department. A few months later, while the President is set to meet with South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo (Keong Sim), the White House comes under attack. Banning sneaks his way into the White House and becomes Speaker of the House and Acting President Allan Trumbull’s (Morgan Freeman) eyes, ears and fist on the ground. Banning must battle to reclaim the White House and save President Asher.

Olympus Has Fallen is one of two “attack on the White House” films that came out in 2013. I have not seen White House Down, but most reports I have read claim that Olympus Has Fallen is better. This is evident in that fact that a sequel, London Has Fallen, has been commissioned. It’s also the first to make it to Netflix Instant. If White House Down ever makes it Netflix Instant, expect a review and a comparison in the vein of a previous Ric’s Netflix Pick, “Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games.”

This film features great performances by Rick Yune (The Fast and The Furious) and Robert Foster (Heroes, Breaking Bad). Dylan McDermott plays a solid supporting role. For more of his work take a look at a previous Ric’s Netflix Pick, American Horror StoryOlympus Has Fallen is a great action film that fits in well with the nontraditional warfare of the modern day.


4.0 out of 5

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