Ric’s Netflix Picks: “Coupling”


Things get complicated when you date your friends.

What about your friends’ friends?

Steve (Jack Davenport) is determined to break up with his girlfriend, Jane (Gina Bellman), no matter how difficult she makes it for him. Things go a little sideways when an encounter with his mate’s ex-girlfriend, Susan Walker (Sarah Alexander), sidetracks Steve.

Their chance meeting causes the worlds of six people to collide. These three men and three women explore the differences in how the genders approach relationships. Neurotic Steve and his friends Patrick (Ben Miles), the ladykiller, and Jeff (Richard Coyle), the shy guy, battle wits with Susan, the sensible one, Sally (Kate Isitt), the paranoid one, and Jane, the certifiably crazy one. The clash between men and women is central to the conflict and the source of the laughs generated.

BBC‘s Coupling, created by Steven Moffat, is a great British sitcom filled with raunchy intelligent humor. Moffat’s style of writing is instantly recognizable to any fan of the new Doctor Who series, and there are plenty of references to the series. For a quirky take and comedic insights, Coupling is the way to go.

If anyone saw Apollo 18, available on Netflix Instant (rating: 2.0 out of 5.0), and was interested in seeing Lloyd Owens in a better story, look for him as a recurring guest star in Coupling. Gina Bellman shined in a previous Ric’s Netflix Pick, Jekyll. Also, as a bit of trivia, Sarah Alexander is married to Peter Serafinowicz, a supporting actor in another of Ric’s Netflix Pick, The Best and The Brightest.

Some may remember the short-lived American and Greek adaptations. Neither did well.


4.5 out of 5

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