Ric’s Netflix Picks: “A Bag of Hammers”


When is it time to start growing up?

When you have children, I guess.

Alan (Jake Sandvig) and Ben (Jason Ritter) are two childish car thieves who refuse to grow up despite the wishes of Alan’s sister, Mel (Rebecca Hall). Their world slowly changes when a single mother, Lynette (Carrie Preston), and her son, Kelsey (Chandler Canterbury), move into the neighborhood. With Lynette increasingly ignoring her son, Alan and Ben begin to take Kelsey under their wing. Initially treating him with irreverence, Alan and Ben grow to see themselves as Kelsey’s father figures.

Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, a Ric’s Netflix Pick) makes a cameo appearance and Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3) plays a supporting role, A Bag of Hammers is an oddly constructed coming of age tale that shines best when it’s not trying too hard.


3.2 out of 5


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