Fall TV Preview: What’s New on FOX & CBS

Every season new shows premiere and are met with mixed reviews. It’s always a pain to sift through them all and figure out what’s worthwhile.  I’m here to save you the hassle by pointing you in the right direction. I’ll take a look at each channel’s new shows and focus on what’s actually worth watching. Shows that I think deserve One Chance might have potential but I’m skeptical. If the premise entices you, then watch the first episode and make the call. If they don’t sit well with you, then you might as well just move on. If you see a What Were They Thinking? then you should never, under any circumstances, watch that show. Let’s get to it.



Sleepy Hollow (Mondays 9/8c)

Premise: A twist on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”: Ichabad Crane is brought to the 21st Century when a headless horseman begins terrorizing the town of Sleepy Hollow.


Take a great legendary tale brought to modern times and add a twist. What could go wrong. Alright, alright. I’m not stupid. A LOT could go wrong, but I’m gonna give this show a chance. I love a good fantasy show. The overall feel here is reminiscent of Grimm, which was supposed to flop but here we are with a season 3. I could put Sleepy Hollow in the One Chance section, but who doesn’t love the legend?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Tuesdays 8:30/7:30c)

Premise: Take an immature detective and his tough, by-the-books captain, and throw in some comedic police situations and you have Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, and Andre Braugher are going to be a great mixture for a quick-witted comedy. I love a silly show to help pass the time, and this is sure to be a fun one. I’m not saying it will be comedic gold, but I will definitely be watching.

Almost Human (Monday Nov. 4 8/7c)

Premise: In a future where LAPD officers are partnered with highly evolved androids, the lead detective, who detests robots, gets paired with a faulty android that can feel emotions. Hence Almost Human.

This one was admittedly a close call. Pros: Karl Urban is the lead and J. J. Abrams produced it. Cons: Dorian (played by Michael Ealy) is a robot that has emotions. Or is it advanced android? The lines get blurred, which may or may not be the point. I am a fan of cop dramas and the cast is great so this show has a good chance, but I wont hold my breath. Hopefully, Abrams will make it work.

One Chance

Dads (Tuesdays 8/7c)

Premise: The lives of two video game designers abruptly change when both of their dads move in with them.

The cast is superb. Seth Macfarlane has a certain way of presenting comedy that appeals to the 15 – 50 male demographic very effectively. But the main problem is that the show has built up a terrible persona of being racist, sexist, and just plain discriminatory. It pushes strong stereotypes which brings it down at times. In typical Macfarlane fashion, Dads is a comedy meant to push the boundaries. If you’re not easily offended, then you can appreciate the jokes and enjoy a simple laugh. Considering all of that, I don’t know if the show will be successful. It has potential but only depending on the plot of each episode.



The Crazy Ones (Thursdays 9/8c)

Premise: An eccentric advertising exec and his level-headed daughter cater to top-tier clients at their ad firm.



Mom (Mondays 9:30/8:30c)

Premise: A newly sober, single mom tries to pull her life together and care for her family, all while reconnecting with her estranged mother.

First of all, this show has Anna Faris who I find awesome, funny, and beautiful. Second of all, she is a waiter in a restaurant (just like me) and if the show is anything like the trailer, then I see a long future for it. Bantering with Anna Faris, you have the very talented Allison Janney as her mother. The show has a lot of potential. If it does fail, then blame it on the writing because these actors are more than up for the task.

Hostages (Mondays 10/9c)

Premise: A surgeon about to operate on the U.S. president is ordered to kill him by a rogue FBI agent who is holding her family hostage.

I am a big fan of producer Jerry Bruckheimer and the show looks interesting. I have an issue with shows that have a short plot time span. Hostages, from what I can tell, takes place over a few days. With the family being held hostage the day before the surgery on the president, that doesn’t leave a lot of time to have an expansive plot. I expect a lot of flash backs to account for time but that doesn’t mean the show will be worth it. It’s got strong drama, but I have a feeling it would make a better movie. But hey, you never know, maybe this will convert my thoughts on shows like this.

One Chance

The Millers (Thursdays 8:30/7:30c)

Premise: After a news reporter gets divorced, his parents begin to reassess their own marriage as they hover around him.

I want this show to do well just because of Will Arnett. He has had 3 shows in 4 years and none have stuck. Honestly it’s hard to top Arrested Development, but the man is a great comedic actor. He just needs to learn how to pick a good gig. I don’t think this show will last, but I’ll give it a shot just for Will. Plus, the actors playing his parents are great. Besides, who can’t relate to overbearing and over-involved parents?

What were they thinking!?

We Are Men (Mondays 8:30/7:30c)

Premise: A young guy left at the altar moves into a short-term rental complex and forms a bond with 3 divorced men.

I think this show should have never gotten a pilot. Even the great Tony Shalhoub could not save this show. Especially when he is playing, quite frankly, a playa. A cast of random actors brought together in a show about dating. It looks cheap, boring, and I give it a few weeks before it is replaced with reruns of HIMYM (which would probably capture a larger audience anyway).