Ric’s Netflix Picks: “The Best and The Brightest”


What would you do to get your kid into a good college?

What about a good kindergarten?

Jeff (Neil Patrick Harris) and Sam (Bonnie Somerville) have just moved to New York City and are struggling to get their daughter admitted to a private kindergarten. Admittance consultant Sue Lemon (Amy Sedaris) finds an open spot and sends the couple to woo their way in. On Sue’s suggestion the couple bluffs that Jeff is a poet. From this little fib, a series of lies develops and quickly threatens to take them off track. Will they be able to keep the charade alive? And will it all be worth it?

Featuring Christopher McDonaldKate Mulgrew, and John Hodgman in supporting roles, The Best and the Brightest is a lighthearted, raunchy comedy with a touch of social critique.

Star Wars fans should keep an eye out for Clark, played by Peter Serafinowicz, the voice of Darth Maul.

Kate Mulgrew, from Orange is the New Blackmakes an small but noticeable appearance. Check out Snippet‘s thoughts on that series here! Also, check out Neil Patrick Harris in another of Ric’s Netflix Picks, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!


3.1 out of 5

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