Ric’s Netflix Picks: “The Warriors”



Come out to plaaaaaaa-aaay.”

The Warriors is a late 70s street gang, cult classic. The Warriors, a Coney Island-based gang, are invited to an unarmed gang summit in the Bronx. The leader of the most powerful gang in New York called this gathering of all the New York gangs in order to discuss a truce that would allow them, together, to take control of the city. When the leader is assassinated by a rival gang, Luther (David Patrick Kelly), leader of the aforementioned rival gang, blames the Warriors for the assassination. Without their leader, the Warriors’ second in command, Swan (Michael Beck), assumes authority. With no resources and a hit out on them, the Warriors must fight to get back to their home turf.

Fans of Dexter, 48 Hrs. and Wilfred (also a Ric’s Netflix Pick) should keep a keen eye on the supporting role of Ajax, played by James Remar.

Featuring in-story narration by a radio DJ (Lynne Thigpen) and one of the greatest improvised lines in film history, The Warriors is a definite must watch.


4.7 out of 5

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UPDATE 10/04/13: This film is no longer available on Netflix Instant.