Ric’s Netflix Picks: “Alter Egos”


Are you looking for a superhero film in the vein of summer blockbusters like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel and The Avengers?

This is nothing like that.

Alter Egos begins as a seemingly lighthearted parody in which superheroes are commonplace. So much so, that they are employed by the government as a form of super police. Our protagonist, Fridge (Kris Lemche), and his partner, C-Thru (Joey Kern), travel to a sleepy motel to transport a psychic super villain named Shrink (John Ventimiglia). What unfolds is an interesting tale intertwining a multi-person love story, unrealized aspirations and political maneuvering. Even with only small glimpses each character is given their proper due and you will feel fully satisfied by this cheeky yet realistic movie.

Also, look for a cameo by Sean Lennon who provides the music for the film.


3.3 out of 5

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