The New Doctor: The Clock Strikes Twelve

Round the clock we go and now we’ve come full circle.

On June 1st 2013 the incumbent Doctor, Matt Smith, announced that the end of his tenure was coming. By the end of the Christmas 2013 Special we will have a new Doctor and his face is Peter Capaldi.

Welcome, Mr. Capaldi.

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for all of a year now, and this will be my first ‘live’ regeneration and I can’t wait. Which isn’t to say I am looking forward to the loss of the Eleventh, of Matt Smith. I’m not. Not even a little bit. Everyone has their Doctor. Mine is the Eleventh. Mine is Matt Smith. He brought to the role a manic, childish energy unmatched by all his predecessors. He rendered the contradiction that is the Doctor in a way no one had before, as both young and ancient, clever and daft, kind and ruthless. He rebooted the universe more than once, he went to war, he wore bow ties and made them cool. The Eleventh leaves a legacy. Time Marches on.

The Clock Strikes Twelve.

Regeneration is a bittersweet word for a Who fan. While we lose a beloved  Doctor, we gain a new one. Someone to meet, come to understand, and hopefully: come to love. I think Peter Capaldi is up for the task.

A veteran actor, Capaldi has been in the business since 1984. At 55 he is the oldest actor to take on the mantle of the Time Lord since the first, William Hartnell, who was also 55 at time of his first appearance in 1963. We’ve come full circle.

Peter Capaldi is best known for his role in the BBC’s The Thick of It and its spin off movie, In The Loop where he plays Malcom Tucker, Director of Communications for the Government. As Tucker, Capaldi became known for his almost superhuman ability to deftly string together profanities that stunned as much as they eviserated. Case in point:

The Doctor is meant to be able to call all attention onto himself, Capaldi seems quite capable of this. He will bring the right level of intelligence, speed of wit, and cleverness necessary. He will be an authoritative Doctor. Brilliant.

However, what does worry me is if Capaldi will be able to break your heart the way Eccelston, Tennant, and Smith did so well. Capaldi will certainly bring the ethos of the Doctor, but will he bring the pathos?

Only time (or a trip in the TARDIS) will tell. For now, I am excited. On Tumblr Neil Gaiman put it nicely, combining two of his quotes:

“We’ve had two puppies, it’s time to see someone older … Someone harder and much older and more dangerous.”

Lastly Peter Capaldi is an Academy Award and BAFTA winning filmmaker with Franz Kafka’s It’s A Wonderful Life.

*The Twelfth Doctor Fan Art by loupettes*