Mobile Gaming: “Army of Darkness: Defense”

Oftentimes, a sophisticated level-up system is the only thing stopping an otherwise monotonous video game experience. If a game is to thrive, enemies need to grow stronger and adapt while new resources become available to you. The challenge is in figuring out the best way to make it work. This might seem like an obvious point, but particularly in the realm of simplified mobile gaming, there’s a delicate balance to be had there. When developers are able to find that Goldilox zone, it makes for some seriously good gaming indeed.


Army of Darkness: Defense is a mobile tower defense game available on all smart phone platforms that is FREE for iOS and based on the zombie cult classic film Army of Darkness. The film is the third in the Evil Dead series. After the hero Ash and his girlfriend read from the Book of the Dead that summons the undead and then go on to combat demonic possession, a temporal portal sucks up the undead, Ash, and his car and sends them all to 1300 AD England. There, with his trusty shotgun and chainsaw attached to the stump where his severed hand used to be, he fights with knights and archers to beat back the evil dead.

Army of Darkness: Defense simplifies and glorifies the 1992 film and turns it into one of the most enjoyable mobile games I’ve encountered to date. You are Ash, brandishing his Boomstick! (shotgun) from the get go and you have to combat waves of the undead that gradually increase in power and variety. You must protect the Necronomicon by teaming up with medieval soldiers. You build up iron from the smithy that allows you to summon allies and you collect gold from the fallen zombies to purchase upgrades. Over time, new powers are unlocked. Eventually you can summon the Deathcoaster to run zombies over while hacking at them with your chainsaw arm alongside Arthur and Henry.

A screen capture of the game in action.

A screen capture of the game in action.

The controls are simple: you press the right side of the screen to move forward and the left side to move left. Ash automatically attacks with either Boomstick! or a melee weapon, depending on how close he is to the enemy. Any summoned allies will always press forward and will never retreat, and if they die, then you can always summon more. But if Ash dies, it’s game over. So the challenge lies in finding the delicate balance of charging your Smithy bar to its maximum and summoning troops just in the nick of time to beat back the hordes.

The best part of this game is the variety of upgrades that you can pursue. Not only can you directly level up Ash and the individual troop types, but you have archers, a wiseman healer, cavalry, and infantry that each can be leveled up as well. In addition, Ash has personal abilities to extra do things like suck up a few zombies in a book, call a random ally to his side, or summon a catapult salvo.

We highly urge that you check it out!