14 Movies From 2013 You Need To Watch

Thought Catalog weighs in on 14 movies that you need to watch from 2013!

Thought Catalog

With Blue Jasmine earning Woody Allen some his best reviews in years (and at least one critic calling it his best movie ever), I began to reflect on the year so far — and the many wonderful movies that have graced the screen. Although 2013 is becoming known for its costly flops (see: RIPD, The Lone Ranger), it’s been a quietly strong year at the movies. When I catch Blue Jasmine tomorrow, we’ll see where it falls on my list, but for now, this is my unscientific survey of the 2013 movies you should get caught up on, if you aren’t already. (It’s in no particular order, because Beyonce said I can do whatever I want.)

1. Before Midnight

Before Midnight is the best movie of the year and a strong contender for movie of the decade, a film that singlehandedly reinstills your faith in the power of…

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