What to Expect in Kingdom Hearts III and What We Want to See

I’m sure that there are many fans out there who just stuck to the main 2 installments of Kingdom Hearts, both of which appeared on the Playstation 2, disregarding the some odd five other games that appeared on mobile systems. Almost all of the games aren’t necessary to understanding what will be going on in KH3 with the most important ones being Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Take a look at plot summaries if you need to, but the gist of it is that keyblade Master Xehanort – who is the main villain in BBS and whose Heartless and Nobody serve as the villains in KH 1 and 2 – is back with a dozen warriors of darkness to unleash havoc on everybody. Sora and company, at the urging of Yen Sid, have to put together a group of seven warriors of light to defeat Xehanort. It’s unclear exactly who the seven will be or even if you have to be a keyblade wielder to “count” but we do know that by the end of 3D, Riku has been declared a keyblade master and Kairi is to begin training with the keyblade along with Lea (the human counterpart to Axel). We also know that the trio of keyblade wielders from BBS might be making a return, that is, unless other random keyblade wielders come out of the woodwork.

In fact, the letter that Sora receives at the end of KH2 is from King Mickey and explains how Ventus, Terra, and Aqua are hurting and can only be saved by Sora. He is who he is because of them. That is why he has to help save them. Without giving too much away, all three of their hearts are lost. To understand the specifics, either play Birth By Sleep or read a good synopsis somewhere.

At E3 2013, Square Enix released the following video for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npjBHFb0fZM]

Breaking Down the Trailer

The trailer begins with a shiver-worthy slideshow recapping all of the games in the franchise while a voiceover of Sora explains to Riku why he must leave. He has to save them because he is the only one who can, and he owes it to them. It’s been obvious all along that Sora is special. Delving deeper into KH lore, you can find out that Sora is the only person that we know of that was actually chosen by the Keyblade. Literally every other wielder we know of was bestowed the power by someone else. And at the end of KH3D, Riku is recognized as a Keyblade Master and Sora is not, whereas Mickey, Ventus, Terra, and Aqua are all either officially or unofficially granted the title at some point. In the overall narrative of the story, this isolates Sora as some kind of enigma, which is completely necessary when having him assume the role as the central protagonist. The bonus scene after BBS even reiterates the notion that Sora is indeed special.

At about 0:38, Sora comes upon a keyblade on the beach of Destiny Island. This isn’t just any keyblade either. It’s the keyblade once owned by Master Eraqus. If you follow Aqua’s story, you find that after Xehanort defeated Eraqus with Terra’s help, Aqua took his keyblade, Master Keeper, and used it to transform the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion so that it could be a place where Ventus could sleep peacefully. The simple connection here would be to assume that Aqua somehow was able to send the keyblade to Sora which he’ll now be able to use to transform Castle Oblivion back to its original state OR at the very least rescue Ventus and wake him up. From there, I’m assuming they would somehow be able to free Aqua from the world of darkness and then the obvious next step would be to defeat Terra-Xehanort and free Terra. Maybe they could do that by using the Keyblade of Heart from KH1?

In the second half of the trailer, which appears to be some gameplay in its early development, a swarm of Heartless Shadows chase after Sora like he’s Brad Pitt and they’re World War Z zombies. In addition to wall running and other feats of parkour that seem borrowed from 3D, Sora can also ride the Heartless like they are a surfboard – or a ton of Keyblades for Vanitas in BBS. Just as he’s set to attack, the screen cuts.

Random Things We Know So Far

Kingdom Hearts III is being made by the same development team as Birth By Sleep, which I’m glad to hear because aside from the main two games, BBS is easily one of the best in the series. Surprisingly enough, Kingdom Hearts is going multifranchise and we can expect to see the third installment of Kingdom Hearts on Xbox One along with Playstation 4.

It’s heavily implied that the seven Warriors of Light need to be keyblade wielders. While that does oust Donald and Goofy, we are left with Sora, Riku, Mickey, and now Kairi and Lea. If you also factor in Ventus, Terra, and Aqua – not to mention Yen Sid himself – then you’re already at a whopping nine wielders. Obviously, Yen Sid won’t actually do any fighting. And if you take into account that Terra is likely trapped as Xehanort’s host, then you’re fine, but it still remains that Aqua and Ventus will need to be restored to make this work. How will it all work out?

Another thought is what if one or more of the candidates fails to become a Warrior of Light? What if it’s Sora? What if Riku and Terra aren’t able to because they are tainted by darkness? If none of the BBS three can partake then we are definitely short.

Prospective New Worlds

It’s important to note that in addition to collaborating with other Square Enix games, they have the option of including the Marvel Universe and the Star Wars Universe. Since the last major game, Disney has acquired the rights to both. While the legal specifics are a bit foggy to anyone without a law degree, there’s a comment from the maker of Kingdom Hearts III that it is possible that Star Wars will be included. Given that the past two games explored most of the mainstream Disney Universe, the development team will have to get creative and explore other options, perhaps even taking Final Fantasy worlds into consideration. Here’s my wish list of potential worlds to be included in KH3:


Set in the style of the Clone Wars animated series, Sora and company find themselves engaged in galactic warfare on Tatooine. Mistaken for some weird alien criminal, either Donald or Goofy can be kidnapped. The daughter of Han Solo joins your squad, lightsaber in hand, to track down the kidnappers and bring balance to the force while a Sith Lord controlling the Heartless thwarts you at every turn. Halfway through this world, Sora earns the Lightsaber keyblade, which has long reach, medium damage and high magic boost. With the plot details still unclear for the upcoming episode 7 of Star Wars, there is a great chance here to publicize for the upcoming film or at least develop some kind of prequel. Not only would it bring a whole lot of Star Wars fans into the Kingdom Hearts franchise, but it would just be awesome. While I highly doubt that J. J. Abrams would ever let it happen, Sora deserves a purple lightsaber keyblade.


Sora goes to the kingdom of Asgard and finds Odin asleep while the realm is attacked by Ice Giants and Heartless, led by Loki. Thor is there to defend his home. Using Sora’s help, Thor is able to beat back the forces that threaten his home. As reward for your help, Sora is awarded the Hammer of Thor Keyblade, which is the shorted keyblade ever but has high critical hits, high power, and medium damage.

The Grid

Sora and Co. would head to the land of TRON after the events of the recent Tron: Legacy movie. Flynn is gone and the hero Tron is back after being freed from his evil-ness in Legacy.

The World Ends With You

Characters from The World Ends With You were featured in KH3D so we might as well see their world in KH3, no?

Any Final Fantasy World Ever

So far, a number of fan favorite Final Fantasy characters have popped up, especially the likes of Squall, Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, and Aerith/Aeris. There was also (for some reason) child version of Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie on Destiny Island. I wouldn’t mind if they broadened this out to include characters from Final Fantasy IX, XII, and/or XIII. Beyond that, let’s see some actual worlds where these characters came from rather than just throw them in generic KH worlds.

What worlds and characters do you want to see in the new game? Comment below!