Simon Pegg and the Apocalypse: Reactions to “The World’s End” Trailer Debut


Fans of Simon Pegg likely know him best for his iconic role of Shaun in Shaun of the Dead and its spiritual follow-up, Hot Fuzz. You probably loved the first and found the second funny in a ha-ha kind of way. In our Summer Movie preview, Liam gave you a little taste of their third film in the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, known as The World’s End. The brand new trailer dropped today (view above) and brings some clarity to what we already knew was an apocalyptic tale of friends attempting to reboot a failed pub crawl from years ago.

The trailers shows us that they were just kids when it all began, trekking the Golden Mile through their hometown of Newton Haven with each of them drinking one pint at each of the twelve pubs, the last one being – wait for it – The World’s End!

Bloody brilliant actually.

A lot has changed over the years since their first failed attempt. Most of them seem to have moved on with their lives to crummy business jobs involving Blue Tooth headsets and stiff suits. Simon Pegg’s character is your archetypal friend that never really grew up. It’s in his hair and shabby clothes, even just in the fact that he’s the one to get the gang back together. Once back in town, things seem a bit…different. Awkward stares. Aliens. Possessed people with glowing eyes and mouths. There’s a crazy party and plenty of bar room fight scenes, along with a massive explosion. Best of all: there’s another iconic “Simon Pegg jumping over fences” scene!

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This movie looks to be a raucous lot of fun and I’m sure will deconstruct the Apocalypse genre of film with the same style of wit and earnest British humor that Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz did with the zombie and buddy cop genres. I can hardly wait!

The World’s End hits theaters on July 19!