2013 Summer Movie Preview Part One

It’s official: with it being May 3, the summer blockbuster season has begun! But with seemingly great new movies coming out on a weekly basis, how do you know what’s worth your time? We’ve done a bit of research and I’ve gone ahead and pinpointed 5 movies that I think will be worth neglecting sunlight to spend your time indoors at the theater. Much better than a sweaty outdoor patio at some bar, right? Just kidding. That’s wicked awesome too.

Iron Man 3

May 3


Robert Downey Jr.’s depiction of the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark kicked off what has come to be known as “Marvel’s Phase 1” back in 2008 with a conflicted hero that was met with universal positive acclaim. While its sequel lacked some of the charm and gravity of Iron Man, Downey delivered a stellar performance in the blockbuster The Avengers last year in which he was arguable the most central character. “Nothing’s been the same since New York,” he says in the trailers for Iron Man 3, referencing the final battle in Avengers. His tech has only gotten more advanced since then. The trailers show Tony dabbling in nanotechnology, which basically allows him to control the pieces of his suit using his mind, a talent that I’m sure will come in handy as he faces a terrorist named Mandarin who has no qualms attacking Stark directly. We’ll see how Tony fairs in what is bound to be a smash hit! Be sure to look for my review sometime soon.

The Great Gatsby

May 10

This movie will either be amazing or a complete and utter abomination.

I’m undoubtedly going to have a lot to say about this one once I’ve actually seen it, and The Great Gatsby is definitely going to be successful considering its wildly popular source material. Initial trailers have it looking flashy as heck with Leo DiCaprio as a vaguely sinister Gatsby. The look and feel seems all wrong compared to the book, mainly because the drama, flair, and action can’t be dulled by Nick Carraway’s sleepy, dreamlike narration. Baz Luhrmann is at the helm, and he’s known for Moulin Rouge, which would explain the comparable style here. I’ve said it from the very beginning that the cast here is spot on, with Leo’s capacity for always looking like an actor acting as a perfect quality to bring to the character of Gatsby. The problem that every previous movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby has is that no director / screenwriter knows what to do with Nick! The narrator brings a pivotal quality to the novel but serves very little in a visual representation of what is essentially a tale of adultery amongst the wealthy. Does he still narrate? Does he take an awkward back seat? Is he cut out altogether? For me, everything hinges on how Luhrmann addresses that question: “What do you do with Nick?”

Before Midnight

May 24

Jesse and Celene, 18 years after their fated meeting, enjoying the scenic Greek coast.

I cannot express to you how excited I was when I first heard rumors about this movie. Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy (the two above actors) and writer/director Richard Linklater were rumored to be in Greece together this past August. Initially, they tried to play it off like they were location scouting, but soon enough everyone found out that they had indeed filmed the second sequel to 1995’s dreamy European romance flick. It debuted at Sundance and has been gathering nothing but glowing reviews. In Before Sunrise, Jesse was a young American wandering via train around Europe after a vicious breakup and Celene was a french girl heading back to college in Paris. Fate would have it that they wound up spending one impossible night together in Vienna that left them estranged from one another. Nine years later, they “bumped into” one another in a Parisian book shop and wandered around the city for a day catching up as two somewhat different people. The end to that sequel, Before Sunset, left their fate uncertain. Now it appears that another nine years later in Before Midnight, the couple find themselves in Greece, toting an adorable pair of twin daughters and at a brand new stage in their relationship. I have to admit that the first two movies are some of my absolute favorites. With simple filming techniques, engaging dialogue, and compelling European locations, these films always encapsulate everything that’s important to people that thrive on intellectual discussions mingled with old-fashioned heart-to-hearts. Topics range from love, life, God, feminism, the soul, and everything in between. As you might imagine, it can get a bit heavy, but for me: it’s perfection.

This is the End

June 12

Let’s get the funniest actors around and get them to pretend the world is ending.

Wouldn’t it be funny if a bunch of actors played themselves in a movie about the apocalypse? Too bad it could never happen, right? Wrong. It’s happening. The premise is that in the middle of James Franco’s crazy party, a massive earthquake initiates the end of the world, leaving dozens of random and currently popular celebrities dead or in dire risk of dying. Watch this trailer hereThis is the End looks to be a ton of fun, ridiculously foul, and full of celebs acting like caricatures of themselves. You can’t get much funnier than that!

The Wolverine

July 16

Swords AND claws. BAMF.

Everyone in nerd-dom can remember the first comic book, cartoon, or even individual superhero that brought them into the game. For me, it was watching the X-Men cartoon with my brother. When it comes to Marvel’s mutants, Wolverine is always on everyone’s favorites list. Since the X-Men movie in 2000, the movies have been a mix of great and so-so. Wolverine’s Origins movie got a decent amount of hype but was something of a flop. Now, with The Wolverine, James Mangold is giving us the X-Men movie that takes place the latest, chronologically. Wandering lonely with the burden of his immortality, Logan is found and brought to Japan to meet with a mysterious elderly man whose live he saved long ago. Now, through some unrevealed scientific experiment, the invincible Wolverine is made more vulnerable than he ever has been. Ninjas and samurai are rife in this movie, along with bullet train action sequences. And did I mention that Hugh Jackman is the best person ever? The Wolverine is bound to be an action-packed thrill ride!

Want to see what other movies you should pay attention to this summer? Move along to Part Deux!