Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Three Hobbit Films?


My immediate thought after seeing The Return of the King for the first time was something along the lines of, “wow”. That thought was quickly followed by, “When is The Hobbit going to… Continue reading

The Dark Knight Rises Review


There was a game I played quite often as a child. I would don my very own cape and cowl and pull on a black shirt, emblazoned with a yellow oval surrounding the… Continue reading

Not Much Love for Woody Allen’s “To Rome With Love”


I adored Woody Allen’s last film, “Midnight In Paris”. You can read me ranting and raving about it a year ago on this very blog. It was a film rooted in a warm,… Continue reading

Some Brief Thoughts on Pixar’s “Brave”


Who doesn’t love Disney’s Pixar? Between the unbearably cute short films that introduce their larger stories and the delightfully peculiar yet heartwarmingly touching feature-length films, Pixar pretty much has the 3D animation game… Continue reading

Andrew Garfield Delivers, Swinging into Action as “The Amazing Spider-Man”


You can only love Superman so much, because being a virtually all-powerful boy scout, he can get kind of boring. And Batman’s dark and brooding personality is a bit too grave for my… Continue reading