Monthly Archive: April, 2012

“Cabin in the Woods” is Horror-Comedy Gold!


Sometimes I have a very twisted sense of humor, especially when something terrifyingly serious instantly turns ludicrous and hysterical. Case in point: genius sharks are out to get Samuel L. Jackson and some… Continue reading

A Book Review of “The Art of Racing in the Rain”


Once upon a time, I took a creative writing class in fiction. We’d rotate writers each week and spend our weekdays reading each others’ stuff. Then every Friday afternoon we’d all curl up… Continue reading

Sifting Through Netflix: Apparently “13 Assassins” is Just Enough to Take Down an Evil Warlord


With Sifting Through Netflix, we give you an opportunity to hear our thoughts on some popular movies available on Netflix Instant. Are they worth your time to stick on your queue or should… Continue reading

Sifting Through Netflix: “Nice Guy Johnny” is Not So Nice!


Sifting Through Netflix is a new feature where we drop a few thoughts on films that are available to anyone with access to a Netflix Instant account. Because let’s be real, how hard… Continue reading

Sifting Through Netflix: Thoughts on “Brick”


Disclaimer: I’ve had a growing list of movies on my Netflix Instant Queue (I pronounce it “qway” by the way). Recently, I’ve taken to plodding through them, and rather than doing a full,… Continue reading