Monthly Archive: January, 2012

“We Bought a Zoo”: Charming, Heartfelt, and a Return to the Best Kind of Romance


          Movies that try to be earnest but don’t do it with reckless abandon always fail.  It comes off as tacky and unrealistic and even downright annoying.  In your average romantic comedy of… Continue reading

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” Review


  I feel guilty saying this as someone who considers himself to be a “true fan” of Sherlock Holmes, but A Game of Shadows is pretty great. While it still falls short of… Continue reading

Reflections on the “Girl With a Dragon Tattoo” Movies


          By now, pretty much everyone has heard of the international phenomenon that is Girl With a Dragon Tattoo.  It is the first in a trilogy of books entitled the Millennium Trilogy revolving… Continue reading

A Book Review of “Girl With a Dragon Tattoo”


          It’s both intriguing and terrifying that sadism has somehow become mainstream in pop culture.  For some reason, we find ourselves drawn inevitably to films like “Hostel” or the “Saw” series.  Years ago,… Continue reading